Strategic and Succession Planning


Do you know where your practice is headed? How do you define a successful year? What are the top three things you’d like to accomplish within the next year?

Let our planning experts walk you through a process that will allow you to set measurable goals and objectives for your business. We all measure clinical outcomes.  You can – and should – measure business outcomes too!

Succession planning is key in most leadership positions but few clinicians and groups take it into consideration. Are you or one of your key leaders facing an upcoming transition? Potentially a retirement?   What are the future plans for your  group or practice in the face of that change?  We guide our clients to plan 2-5 years into the future for major transitions so that things go smoothly, and the business is safeguarded.

We also work with our clients in the following areas:

Clinical Operations Assessment
Interim Leadership
Mergers and Consolidations


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