New Practice Startup

treeOne of our clients said that thinking about opening his new practice was like thinking about, “flying to the moon.” He knew it was possible, but he did not know where to start.

We love the analogy and prefer to liken opening a new practice to making a long road trip; probably not something you would do on a whim, but definitely something that you could plan for and carry out successfully.

We appreciate working with our clients in this capacity because it is a time of excitement and energy.  Over many years, we have developed a project plan and toolkit for physicians and groups looking to start a new practice.  We begin by creating a full financial pro forma suitable for financing, so that all parties involved know the costs ahead of time.  We then make introductions to local banks who are familiar with us and our pro forma format.

We continue with regular meetings to assess progress along the way, and we have a host of professionals within our network, so we make many introductions to help groups get the practice established.  The Health e Practices team of professionals have successfully launched over 60 clinics and we’d love to utilize our skills, contacts, and expertise to benefit you and your team.

We also work with our clients in the following areas:

Clinical Operations Assessment
Strategic and Succession Planning
Interim Leadership
Mergers and Consolidations

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