Interim Leadership


Many medical groups and practices find themselves needing to hire a CEO, Administrator, or Clinic Manager. Frequently, a new candidate is not readily available, and a regional or national search must be conducted. It can take several months to find the right candidate. This leaves the practice with a need for interim leadership.

We consider the role of interim CEO or Administrator to be a great opportunity to assist the group with a general business assessment, as well as a good time to deal with any difficult organizational issues. By definition, an interim leader is there only temporarily, which allows for decisions and actions that may be advantageous to the practice, but politically unpopular.  We’ve served in this capacity many times for groups of all sizes, and have improved operations, right-sized teams, and done other challenging work to set the new leader up for success.

We can tailor interim work to fit your organization’s needs and your budget; we can also assist with the recruitment process.

We work with our clients in the following areas:

Clinical Operations Assessment
Strategic and Succession Planning
Mergers and Consolidations

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